General Algebraic Modeling System

First introduced in 1976 at the ISMP in Budapest, GAMS is a high level modeling system that has grown to support a wide range of small to large scale optimization and equilibrium problems (linear, quadratic, complementarity, among others). It also provides access to state of the art solvers such as CPLEX, Gurobi and Baron. From it early beginnings within the mathematical programming and economic modeling communities, GAMS has established itself as the language of choice in transportation, agriculture, energy-economics, environmental engineering and systems dynamics.

At MODL, we use GAMS (in addition to Python, R, C++) to develop models, as well as test computational theories and hypotheses. Visit the link below to install GAMS on your machine. We also have a resource authored by Sriram Sankaranarayan with further detail for Mac/Linux installations (as the GAMS IDE is currently only available on Windows).

Download and install GAMS

Download and install GAMS for different platforms Download